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Hardcore/speed run mode

Hardcore/speed run mode

Postby piotras » Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:59 pm

It sounds like the dev team know their aRPGs so I guess this suggestion of a Hardcore/speed run is nothing new.

Nevertheless, it would be awesome if some sort of PvE hardcore/speed run mode would be available. By that mode i mean:

- one life,
- start fresh, i.e. no access to 'normal mode' items, currency or consumables
- fighting against a clock, i.e. need to reach next check point in set time-frame (time is paused in towns etc.)
- upon death, or timer running out, you get a prize depending on how far you managed to go (i.e. random loot but good drop rates)
- upon death, or timer running out, all your currency, consumables and a limited number of items are transferred into your 'normal mode' pool
- a separate world instance of only hardcore players
- aimed to supplement end-game gameplay


or, if having one life and a timer is too much, then just decrease the % drop bonus depending on timer
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Re: Hardcore/speed run mode

Postby Pete » Mon Nov 17, 2014 10:39 am

I love this idea although we have planned an end game mode on these lines already:

our plan is we'll randomly nominate a set of 6(ish) 10 minute (ish) quests each day from story mode.
these quests will then be playable in challenge mode where by as you say you'll have for example 1hp, a time limit, naked mode or whatever other fun modes we can come up with.

You can only complete each challenge once per day (so we can rotate them and try to stop people getting bored of the content). When you complete a challenge you receive a token. We haven't fully decided exactly how the tokens will be redeemed it will either be via a vendor or crafting. Probably a vendor so players can more easily browse token rewards.

This is still a WIP idea but I really like this kind of thing to help us keep our content fresh and get as much use out of it as possible!
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